There are many different methods for metal fabrication, ranging in complexity based on the desired qualities of the end product and the composition of the materials that are utilized. Strength, conductivity, hardness, and resistance to corrosion are all some commonly desired properties in the materials used. These materials can be used in a variety of products ranging from appliances and toys, to larger structures such as furnaces, duct-work, and heavy machinery, through an array of techniques in cutting, bending, and welding. Read on to learn more about some common types of welding supplies used for your fabrications. Call Alien Engineered Products in Ocala  today for your fabrication needs!


Common Welding Supplies Used For Fabrications


  • Welding table or workbench- One of the key fixtures in any garage is a good quality sturdy workbench for the welder to work off of. A solid metal workbench will allow the welder to weld safely and also allows them to get up off of the ground, allowing for more ease of movement when working with tools. Workbenches vary from complicated to simple, and are an essential foundation of welding  work.
  • Welding safety equipment- The welders in our garage all utilize an auto dimming welding helmet. These types of helmets work by quickly dimming the shield when they sense a bright light. This not only helps to save their eyes, but also makes setting up and finding the weld joint a lot easier when the mask is down. It’s always key to wear a helmet when welding, and these types of helmets have the added benefits of protecting the eyes and assisting vision. 
  • Welding gloves- Metal fabrication uses a lot of welding techniques. Welding is the act of melting metal together, and that creates a lot of heat! In order to thoroughly protect themselves from the heat and any harmful UV rays that are produced during the process, our technicians wear a pair of welding gloves. There are many different kinds of gloves that are specifically engineered for different types of welding. The majority of high-quality gloves our technicians wear are made of leather and cover their hands and lower arms. 


More Welding Supplies Our Fabricators Use


  • Welding respirator- Welding and preparing for welding can emit dangerous fumes and debris that workers can inhale easily. Wearing a respirator or dust mask under their welding helmet can help to protect the lungs of our technicians and also save them the time of blowing black gunk out of their noses after a day in the shop!
  • Safety glasses- If a rogue spark flies under the helmet when welding, it is not only painful, but can be extremely dangerous. The worst damage can be done when least expected, which is why our technicians wear a pair of safety glasses under their helmet when welding or grinding. 
  • Welding clamps- Tight joints are generally preferred when welding metal together. Welding camps allows our technicians to set up their work piece firmly while welding it together, and allows them to pull the metal together and keep it straight as they work around a larger work piece. There are many different kinds of clamps.


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