Believe it or not, you can have a shipping container home off the grid. So many people are buying up undeveloped property and dropping DIY homes on top of it. Why can’t you? Just imagine what life would be like without debts and bills. Some think that’s how humans are meant to live. Well, we’ll leave that decision up to you! Should you decide to take the plunge, you’re going to need all the right equipment. Make sure you get a little help from someone who knows what they’re doing, too. We can help with some of that. Check out our line of welding supplies at Alien Engineered Products, LLC in Ocala to get started. You’ll be enjoying fresh, natural air in no time. 


Quality Welding Supplies Mean Solid Construction

With the right supplies, you can be sure your new home is made of sturdy materials. Come to us for any tools you might need. It can’t hurt to get some outside help; we offer laser cutting for some of the more challenging components your home calls for. Don’t get us wrong; we believe you are entirely capable of putting together most of the home yourself. But there will inevitably be some parts that require the ultimate precision. Fabricating metals via laser cutting offers a great deal of flexibility and efficiency. Your new home deserves nothing less. 


Endless Customization

One neat thing about a shipping container home is how many ways you can build it. These metal homes aren’t just strong and durable, but they are also incredibly customizable. For the first time in your life, you can imagine the different parts of your home and then make it a reality. No more trying to fit a compromised version of your dream house into an existing template. With a storage container home, you build everything from the ground up. How high off the ground can you build? Several stories high! Shipping containers are made to be stacked, after all. 


How Long Will This Take Me?

The length of the project will obviously depend on how ambitious your plans are. It might take as much as a year to get all the edges smoothed out, but a minimalist home can be livable in two weeks. It’s also possible to live in a temporary home while the main structure is being built. We believe that any hassle is worth it, especially since you won’t be dealing with any mortgages! Owning a piece of property outright from the very beginning is a rare thing, indeed. 


Contact Us

Your shipping container home can be anything you want it to be. Just make sure it’s built to last! Choose the right welding supplies for a home that lasts the rest of your life. Contact Alien Engineered Products, LLC in Ocala to learn more. We are ready to work with you on any kind of metal fabrication you need. We can also cover any laser cutting projects you have. There’s no shape we can’t form a piece of metal into!

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