The COVID-19 lockdown period has led to the shutdown of various trade schools for weeks. In this pandemic, educators struggle to move forward with classes, and welders tend to improvise their skill and keep it sharp. How will this be achieved? The experienced Ocala welders of Alien Engineered Products discloses this guide of practicing welding during quarantine.


Welders Guide To Practicing Welding At Home


Think of a hypothetical situation where you wake up to 298 messages in your DMs, which is your new normal. In the beginning, we were swamped with so many such messages when schools and businesses started to close due to the pandemic. When it continued for a couple of more months, the influx of messages seemed to have skyrocketed to another level, up to almost 2500 messages and emails. Everyone had the same question – How can I practice mobile welding if there’s no way to weld?


Well, the answer is not that easy for these questions in such situations. But something needs to be done about this problem that has been raised so, to come up with a solution, we have established a few easy and simple ways to practice welding at home to keep your skills sharp and evident without using a power source. These skills are as follows:


Walk the cup and Feeding Tig Wire


Start by buying a TIG torch if you already do not have one, and as soon as you get it, you must start walking the cup. One thing is ensured that you do not need a power source in your brain for burning muscle memory. Give thirty to forty minutes a day to this particular thing, and if you still do not understand it, you can always look into a tutorial video for better reference.


We expect people in mobile welding school to carry a piece of filler wire with themselves wherever they go. But if someone does not, then there is another way out for you. You can visit your pantry and get a hold of linguine, and you will get a 1/8″ TIG wire. If you are in the mood to challenge yourself, you can always grab a piece of angel hair pasta and you will get a .045″ filler. No matter where you are, make sure that you have a filler in your head, and we promise you will be two steps ahead in school as you will be able to feed filler wire already.




You can always subscribe to high-quality and informative channels for welding tips and ideas. Go through the tips recommended above, and we bet you will be ahead of your class. You will be well informed and stay sharp throughout the learning process.


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