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As the top welding company, our firm is dedicated to providing the most competitive pricing, and using efficient, high-tech methods to lower our prices. When you compare our services and price points with our competitors, you’ll realize how amazing our prices are! Not only do we provide affordable, fair prices, but all of the work we do is held to the highest industry standards. All of our welders and technicians are certified to ASME and AWS standards. With decades of experience in the industry, our project managers are able to get things done on time. You can take a peek at our completed projects and satisfied reviews to get an idea of our project management and our capabilities in a wide range of industries. Our response time is fast- typically the same day- and we pride ourselves on warm, friendly, and knowledgeable customer service. If you have an emergency, we can be there in a flash to offer on-site repairs, inspection, and maintenance!

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Alien Engineered Products is a high quality welding & fabrication solution provider. Our focus is to provide individual customer attention. We work with our customers from proto-type stage to production run by providing valuable assessment in engineering design & production cost. We continuously strive to be cost effective while maintaining high quality standards.

Alien Engineered Products, LLC is an engineered to order and custom fabricator tailored to various markets. Its manufacturing and fabrication diversification makes it a viable solution provider in the Phosphate & Mining Industry; Compressed Air & Dehydration Industry; Oil Refinery & Commercial Drilling Industry; Food and Beverage, and EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Maintenance) Industry.

Our Services As A Welding Company 

fabrication finishes in OcalaWelding Inspection

Our continuous safety education and training puts the health and welfare of our employees at the forefront. We perform welding inspection services in a meticulous manner when doing work for our clients from a variety of industries. As every fabricator knows, the structural integrity of the final product largely rests on the quality of the welds used to hold it together. Not following properly qualified welding procedures can end up producing a weld of subpar quality, which can increase the fabrication’s likelihood of failure under intended service conditions. Our technicians always ensure our clients’ welds meet relevant standards of quality assurance through thorough inspection for defects.

Quality Assurance

Any work that we do at our firm goes through strict weld inspection services for clients from a variety of industries. We also offer quality assurance services for clients in order to ensure the integrity of their products. The structural integrity of any final product will depend primarily on the quality of the welds used to hold it together. Not  following properly qualified welding procedures can mean you end up with a weld subpar quality, which raises the likelihood of failure under intended service conditions. By inspecting for defects, our technicians ensure that any welds that go through us will always meet the appropriate standards of quality assurance. This service is performed by us in two capacities:

  • Onsite inspections- Our highly experienced field technicians inspect the condition of weldments in client assets as related to a variety of codes while onsite. These professionals check for proper weld sizes, indiviations of flaws, defects, and damage to welded elements. They then draft a report on their observations, which clients are able to utilize in order to inform themselves on any preventative maintenance or repair actions they undertake to uphold the viability of their assets.
  • Welder qualifications testing- When a client is looking to test something to check competence in performing a given weld procedure, our firm can help them assess the abilities of their candidate. Our highly experienced and qualified experts analyze welded test coupons for visual defects and subsurface flaws- characterizing its code compliance and determining its long-term effectiveness in a service setting. Our firm examines all candidates according to ASME, AWS, and the rigorous MIL-STD codes.
  • In process inspections- These services are all performed through a variety of nondestructive testing (NDT) methods. Our technicians are all certified by the AMerican Society of Nondestructive Testing in order to conduct appropriate examinations of client structures, equipment, and machinery using visual testing, liquid penetrant testing, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing, radiography testing methods. 
  • Common encountered weld defects- Through these methods of nondestructive testing, we are able to detect many kinds of flaws in welded elements. These defects can come up for a range of reasons, and one or more can occur at almost any point in the welding process. Even clean-looking welds can conceal problems beneath the surface that can totally compromise its strength and effective lifespan. Some of the most common flaws we find in our evaluations include:
    • Lack of fusion
    • Surface cracks
    • Porosity
    • Incomplete penetration
    • Hot cracks
    • Cold cracks
    • Stringers
    • Slag inclusions
    • Corrosion- Our field technicians are also always on the lookout in checking for evidence of corrosion on client assets. Even though corrosion isn’t a condition that is a result of the lack of adherence to a proper welding procedure, weldments remain more susceptible to this kind of gradual environmental damage than surrounding parent materials. Inspectors are able to catch surface indications of corrosion in their visual assessment but may need a more intensive kind of test in order to properly profile the scope of the damage. Any corrosion that is beneath the outside surface of a given weldment, such as inside a section of piping, is detected using RT, UT, MT, or PT. 
  • We also offer:
    • Containing loading inspections
    • Defect sorting services
    • Pre-shipment inspections
    • And more!
fabrication finishes in OcalaWelding

The welding team at Alien Engineered Products has the expertise to work with a comprehensive range of materials and to offer products that will meet or exceed your precise specifications. Jones Metals has developed an extensive in-house training program to ensure that the welders from our welding company are continually improving their skills and also reaching the very highest levels of AWS standards and certifications. The result is a team of highly qualified and experienced welders with a laser focus on high-quality production processes, such as robotic welding. With many decades in business we have thousands of successfully completed custom projects under our belt, and our location in Ocala has the equipment and special features designed to handle even the biggest projects. We look forward to building lasting relationships with great service, reliable workmanship, and affordable pricing.


Our firm’s fabrication services offer precision metal fabrication, manufacturing, prefab, and construction assemblies with integrated turnkey contracting single point of contact. With hundreds of dedicated craftsmen and management personnel, our firm is able to provide comprehensive turn-key general contracting services from a single prefabricated piping spool order, a modular equipment skid, or even a complex complete land based drilling rig and basically everything in between- we are clearly the key to your project success. We are a full service metal fabricator, which means that we supply precision metal products, heavy structural steel & plate fabrication, sheet metal, and coded piping spool fabrications.

We are proud to offer value-added services combined with engineering, design, cutting, fitting, welding, testing, finishing, painting, assembly, and installation in order to meet or exceed your highest expectations and keep projects within your budget. From start to commissioning you can have peace of mind knowing that we have you covered. Typical shop construction and fabrication capabilities include an evolving array of shapes, thicknesses, sizes,material grades, and project specifications. We work with flat, round, square, oval, rectangular, and angled structures in mild steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, duplex SS, aluminum, Corten, Inconel,Monel,Hastelloy, Chrome and NIckel alloys just to name a few. If you are looking for an item shape that is not a stock item, we can use our CNC state-of-the-art Peddinghaus material processing machinery to cut, punch, form, press brake, plate roll, shear, torch cut, plasma cut, gouge, weld, and assemble to your individual specifications.

All of our shop facilities feature state-of-the-art equipment and continuous improvement methods. Through the utilization of these methods, we provide custom fabrication & installation of metal & steel products including access products, industrial equipment & vessels, large assemblies, structural steel products, industrial ductwork, fittings, stacks, air pollution control products, dust collectors, fume collectors, general ventilation, scrap handling products, processing machinery & conveyors, and more! As a custom manufacturer of steel fabrications, we also fabricate turnkey skid modules, piping systems, piping spools, dampers, vessels, rails systems, specialty ladders, engineered equipment skids, & material handling equipment. We are here to be the one-stop-shop for all of your industrial construction needs, from initial design to installation.

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Alien Engineered Products is a high quality welding company and fabrication solution provider dedicated to providing detailed attention to each of our individual customers. We work with our customers from the initial prototype stage to production run by providing valuable assessment  in engineering design  and production cost. We continuously strive to be as cost effective as possible while maintaining high quality standards. We are highly diversified in manufacturing and fabrication, making us a viable solution provider in the Phosphate & Mining Industry, Compressed Air &  Dehydration Industry, Oil Refinery & Commercial Drilling Industry, Food & Beverage industry, and EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Maintenance Industry. Call Alien Engineered Products at our Ocala headquarters to find out more about our services today!

Industries we serve

  • Compressed Air and Dehydration Industry
  • Commercial and Private Utility Contractors
  • Nuclear Power Generation Industry
  • Oil Refineries and Oil Drilling Industry
  • Phosphate and Mining Industry
  • Metalworking and Manufacturing Industry as an OEM provider.
  • EPCM Firms (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Maintenance)
  • Health Care Industry
  • Theme Park Industry
  • Pulp and Paper Industry
Outsource & Procurement Services

In addition to our welding and fabrication capabilities, we also provide global and regional contract outsourcing management services which include: 

  • Strategic Solutions 
  • Project Management 
  • Regional and Global Supply Base
  • Diversified Commodity:
    • Castings 
    • Machined Components
    • Electrical PCB’s, Box Builds & Assemblies
    • VA/VE Proto Type Solutions​

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Alien Engineered Products is an experienced fabrication and welding company that works with a diverse range of industries and provides quality assurance services. Call Alien Engineered Products at our Ocala office to find out more or schedule a consultation today!

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