The process of metal fabrication is to use metal pieces to create the desired shape or size for its purpose: as a part or finished product. This process is used in all phases of manufacturer appliances, automobiles, aircraft, farm equipment, and more. 

To the home, using decorative cabinet handles and large bridges, metal fabrication plays a large role in the world today and manufacturing. Alien Engineered Products knows the process of metal being manipulated into templates, designs, customization, and specific parts. We serve Ocala with our welding fabrication services.

Welding Fabrication by Manipulating Metal

Certain metals are chosen for their pliability, versatility, durability and their appearance. Once the material is selected, it is then used for production. The raw product is manipulated in various ways to give the desired look. Ways to manipulate include: cutting, rolling, punching, bending, drawing, folding, extrusion, shearing, stamping, and finally, welding.

Raw materials are used in the form of sheets, pimples, rods, or tubes. Modern metalworking uses laser cuts and extreme high-pressure water cutting tools. The fabrication includes welding of various pieces of metal together to not lose strength of the product. The welded pisces are polished for a fine appearance, and other methods used are paint and coating.


  • Cutting

This is a common practice if cutting the metal into a workpiece and cutting into smaller pieces. The modern methods include waterjet, power scissors, and plasma arc. While there are different ways to cut, the manual and power tools to numerical computers make the precision perfect. This typically the first stage in the fabrication process.

  • Punching

This process involves the shape turrets, and to punch the metal through or create holes. In the end, the product is either a piece of metal with holes for fastening purposes, or shaped into a desired product. Most punch presses are mechanical, but common for both heavy and light metal work.

  • Drawing

This is a tensile force to make metal go through a tapered die. The die then stretches the material into a thinner shape. Usually, if this process is performed at room temperature it’s called cold drawing, but the metal can be heated to reduce the force.

This is considered deep drawing at the end of the process, or when the product has depth that is equal to or greater than it’s radius. It is usually with sheet metal that is turned into hollow cylindrical or box-shaped products. 

Use Our Shops

Welding fabrication is an art that requires several processes to give the finished product the appearance and purpose it was intended for. That’s why Alien Engineered Products has the best trained and practiced welders to perform the manufacturing rate, production quality, and given cost-effectiveness of the project for Ocala. 

Call us today about our experience and the industries we’ve served. Our resources in the shop have quality CNC machines for detailed projects, and other manual machines to help with your budget choices. Use our shop today for your custom projects and we’ll give you quality today.

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