There are a lot of applications for welding and metal fabrication, and it’s important to find a welder who can handle your project. Hiring the first welder you find is not always terrible, but it’s important to take some time and do research before you decide to hire anyone. Alien Engineered Products is a top metal fabrication and welding company in Ocala. Call Alien Engineered Products for your welding needs today!


What To Look For In A Welding Company


There are certain things that you should keep in mind when it comes to looking for welding companies, such as:

  • Training and experience- You should find a welder who has been in the business for a certain period of time, and has some experience under their belt. While formal certifications are great to have, without enough experience, the certification doesn’t mean anything. Take a peek at the kind of welding that the company has experience with, and what kind of welding you require. If the two are similar, then it could be a good fit. Welders typically have training in multiple kinds of welding, since not all welding is the same. It’s important for professionals to keep up with the current trends in order to keep relevant in their field and create opportunities to take on a variety of jobs. It’s extremely common to find a welder who has more experience in one area than another due to later training.
  • High Quality Equipment- Welding equipment is extremely costly, but a professional welding shop should come with the best welding equipment possible. It’s not an option to cut corners with welding since lower quality welding equipment will compromise the final product. If you have questions about the tools and equipment that the welder is using, make sure to ask ahead of time. There are a wide range of welding machines that a professional shop offers, such as metal inert gas (MIG), tungsten inert gas (TIG) and electric arc welders.


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  • Weld quality- When you hire a welder to assemble the steel for anything you’re building, it’s important to know that they’re going to be able to produce a weld that will last a lifetime. No matter what kind of project it is, the weld has to be able to hold the material together once the weld is complete. When you hire a professional, you should have peace of mind that the product will work and hold in the way that you need it to, for as long as you need it. Before you make the hire, make sure to get any questions about the process used by the welder out of the way. While you don’t need to know how to weld, understanding how it works can make you more comfortable with the final product. 
  • Knowing what to look for- Professional welders are metal experts, and they should have a deep knowledge of how metal reacts to different situations. The welder will look at the material before welding anything,checking for cracks or damage that might make it fail later. The success of your project rests on the ability of the material to stand up to the welding process. If the metal is weak, then the heat may weaken it further.


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There are certain things to keep in mind when hiring a welding company. Call Alien Engineered Products in Ocala for your metal fabrication needs today!

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