If you manufacture products with metal sheets, products like machine parts, machines, or you make structures, what do you know about steel fabrications finish? Since your work will be used across several industries, you need to give them the best. 

Your fabrication is incomplete without adding a quality finish. At Alien Engineered Products, we help you with your steel fabrications finish in Ocala. We also engage in mobile welding; thus, we are always around to help you with your tasks. This article will deliver details about steel fabrications finish.

Is Finishing Essential in Steel Fabrications?

Many often see finishing as optional when engaging in fabrication. This is a mistaken opinion; finishing is fundamental in steel fabrication. One of the main functions is to offer protection for your metal when using them. Additionally, using quality finishing will help your part or machine work well.

Processes for Protecting and Finishing your Metal Sheet Products

Below are four essential processes that you can adopt for your finishing;

  • Silk Screening

There are many advantages attached to silk screening when you use it to finish your metal products. This method allows you to carry out complex designs and write in different fonts. You can use this method to print identification labels, legal information, logo, or instructions on metal sheets. They can be printed out in varying sizes and colors.

  • Painting

Painting is one of the popular methods of finishing metal products. Upon fabricating your metal, the next step is to spray the metal or paint with a brush. You can scrap the surface before painting to enjoy smooth painting. Many often enjoy using preventive enamel for painting their metal sheet. With painting, you are offering your metal unmatched protection from moisture and improving the lifespan. It is also possible to place designs on your painting.

  • Plating

You must have heard of metal plating before; this is another excellent finishing method that offers exceptional protection for your metal sheet. This process involves bonding another thin layer of metal on your metal sheet. Experts use electroplating for metal sheet plating. This involves using electric current in bonding deposited metal to your sheet. Some also use electroless plating, which involves the use of chemicals. The two methods help your metal repel rust and corrosion; this also makes welding possible.  

  • Powder Coating

Powder coating is done by applying metals particles that are charged electrically to your metal sheet surface. Heat is then applied to this powder to help it develop skin that is thicker compared to paints. This process does not use liquid components and can be used for producing a stronger finish.

  • Choosing the best finish for your metal

With the help of experts mobile welding, you can easily select the best finish for your metal sheet. While all the methods work correctly, they can help access, which is best for your metal.

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