If you’ve never welded stainless steel, you may find yourself running into some obstacles. Without proper knowledge, your stainless steel can end up warped, scratched, and damaged. Even the most experience welders acknowledge working with stainless steel can be challenging. Before your next project, you’ll want Florida’s number one welding company to break down stainless steel welding. Alien Engineered Products offers tips and services for your convenience. Our mobile welding services are perfect for the novice. Here are some of the challenges that arise while working with stainless steel.

It Can Be Dangerous

    • Saftey. You’ll want to make sure you have proper protective measures, such as a face shield, mask, and clothing.
    • Injury. Secure the metal in place to avoid slips that may result in injury or damage the metal. 
  • Working with chemicals. Welding requires argon-carbon dioxide gas shields. We recommend using a formula that is 98% argon and 2% carbon dioxide.

Identifying Your Steel 

By referring to the code on the steel, you’ll be able to determine how it will weld. When practicing stainless steel welding, you’ll want to be familiar with the types of steel. 

  • 300s. This on-magnetic steel has a higher percentage of chromium and is stable at high temperatures.
  • 410,420, 440A. These hard compositions of steel are magnetic and wear-resistant. 
  • 409 or 439. Otherwise known as ferritic steel, this type of steel is high in carbon and magnetic. 

If you’re unsure on the type of steel you have, our mobile welding services can help. At Alien Engineered Products, our professionally educated welders will come to your front door. This service is excellent for construction sights and at-home projects. What you see is what you get, and there are no hidden fees.

Maintenance, Fillers, and More 

  • Once you’ve determined the type of steel you’re working with, you’ll need to choose a filler metal with a similar composition—for example, a magnetic filler for a magnetic base. 
  • Clean your steel to rid of any impurities. We recommend using acetone and a wire brush designed for steel cleaning. 
  • Decide how you want to join the metals, and choose a joint accordingly. Make sure all joints are secured, as any slight movment can cause weakening. 


Get In Touch With Us

Our local Ocala community trusts us to provide the most reliable services. The challenges of stainless steel welding may be overwhelming for someone new to the craft. Alien Engineered Products offers not only laser cutting work but also welding repair and mobile welding services. You may have given stainless steel welding a shot and didn’t like the result. Our team of mobile welders will come to you and help you fix any welding problem you have. Contact or visit us today to get started!

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