There are a lot of elements involved in movie productions, which are all planned out in pre-production. A lot of the time, you have to create many elements which are not found in the real world, or have to figure out creative ways to film particular scenes. Read on to learn more about how a metal fabrication company can assist with all aspects of set design and production, both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. When you have a plan going into production, it’ll make the filmmaking process a lot more straightforward. If you’re looking for “aluminum welding near me,” call Alien Engineered Products in Ocala today!


Ways Metal Fabrication Is Used In Movie Production


Here are some top ways to incorporate metal fabrication in movie production:

  • Prop production- After the initial script reading, you may find many prop elements that are needed for the big screen. You may have a large metal door, for example, that a character kicks in. A metal fabrication like our firm can make a door for you that kicks in easily. We can also help you fabricate multiple props with identical designs. This means that if you’re looking to use a prop during a take and something goes wrong, you can have spare props available in order to keep the shoot running. The  metal can also make stunts easier, such as making a lightweight aluminum prop to make a character look like they’re lifting a heavy metal object.
  •  Hidden camera boxes- Sometimes you may want footage of unique angles and different types of reflections. The main goal of these visuals are to capture the shots without being able to see the camera from other angles or interfere with the scene. One way to keep the cameras hidden is with a metal camera box to cover the camera completely and help it blend into the scene.


Looking For “Aluminum Near Me”?

  • Fake companies and logos- Unless you’re paying licensing fees, any company or logo cannot be used within yoru movie. Coming up with your own fictional companies to use in the production is a big part of producing a film. You can make the fake companies in your movie seem legitimate through the use of metal logo designs. Large metal company names can be used on buildings, inside office sets, or in other locations. Our fabrication company can make duplicate signs with the same font, and our state-of-the-art laser-cutting technology can make accurate designs every time.
  • Sci-Fi Technology- If you’re shooting a science fiction film, then the plot may contain elements and technology which do not exist in the real world. A metal fabricator can make custom designs and details to help these creations come to life. A character may wear metal on their arms and bodies, for example, in order to represent computer or cyborg technology. A fabrication company can make the exact specs for your unique needs and also work on the practical effects which are used in your movies. 


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Metal fabrication is something that is an integral part of many movie productions. If you’re looking online for “aluminum welding near me” in Ocala, call Alien Engineered Products today!

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