Laser cutting can be an incredibly efficient method to create essential parts and pieces for countless industries. Of course, not every laser cutting service will cost you the same and some may leave you feeling they are not worth the cost. We at Alien Engineered Products, LLC in Ocala, are here to not only offer you affordable and top quality laser cutting, but also to give you tips on how you can cut down on the price yourself, regardless of where you decide to have your cutting done. 


How to Save On a Laser Cutting Service

  • Hire a Professional
    • Only a trained professional should be handling something as dangerous as a laser. Not only do you risk your safety by trying to do it yourself, but you will waste a lot of money on supplies and the machine to do the cutting itself. To buy a machine outright will cost you thousands and thousands of dollars and renting one while cheaper, can still be expensive if you’re inexperienced and take a long time. By hiring a professional you guarantee you won’t be wasting materials on your mistakes or your time on trying to figure out how to operate the machine.
  • Choose Your Materials Carefully
    • Not every material should be laser cut and some will take longer to cut than others. Make sure you’ve optimized what materials you want to have cut so that the service you hire will have to waste as little time as possible working with an unwieldy material. Consider the thickness of the metal and decide whether more quicker made thinner pieces suit you or fewer and slower cut thicker pieces are better.
  • Have Good Communication
    • Give clear and explicit instructions and don’t be afraid to ask questions when hiring a service. By being as clear as possible in the beginning you are more likely to receive the parts and pieces you desire. A lack of communication may lead to misunderstanding on both sides that leave you with a useless piece of  scrap metal. If the item was made incorrectly because you failed to tell the cutter exactly what you needed, you’ll most likely need to pay them again to create the correct part.  
  • Create a Sample
    • The best way to explain to someone what you want is to show them what you want. Make a prototype that the service worker can hold in their hands and look at with their own eyes. If this isn’t possible try drawing the item on paper or better yet create a 3D model of it on a computer. It’s hard to make the wrong item when you can see exactly what it should look like.


Why You Should Come To Us

When you choose us you can expect competitive pricing, strong technical backgrounds, efficient project management, and quick response times. Alien Engineered Products, LLC is an engineered to order and custom fabricator tailored to various markets. Our manufacturing and fabrication diversification makes us a viable solution provider in the Phosphate & Mining Industry; Compressed Air & Dehydration Industry; Oil Refinery & Commercial Drilling Industry; Food and Beverage, and EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Maintenance) Industry.


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Located in Ocala, Alien Engineered Products, LLC is the best laser cutting service in all of Florida. At our company, it is our goal to create and foster an environment where ideas and creativity are shared, both professionally and personally. You won’t find better talent, service, or more knowledgeable people anywhere else in Florida. 

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