Are you new to the wonderful world of welding? Aside from the bedrock essentials of a quality welder and some safety equipment, there are some welding supplies that every welder should have in case of contingencies or just to make the job easier. We at Alien Engineered Products are located in Ocala and have years of experience in metal working. Our team recommends the following tools to keep around the workshop to make your welding experience more enjoyable, accurate, and quick.  

Essential Supplies: Welding Magnets

These are useful in holding your different metals in place while you weld them. They allow you to work safely with both hands, and can help with creating angles of various degrees on your welding projects. The magnets are stainless steel and durable, making them a must have in your supplies bag!

A Chipping Hammer

If you’re generating slag in your welding process such as stick or flux cored, then you’ll need to remove the slag coating that is left behind. A chipping hammer will chip at the slag to reveal the beautiful work underneath. 


When you need to secure a piece metal in place before a weld, you can’t do better than some trusty welding clamps. Most clamps are extremely versatile, with 3 different designs that allow for various configurations. They’re also made from durable stainless steel and perfect for all your mobile welding needs. 

Flint Striker

You need a flint striker in your supplies to light those welding torches. The sparks from a quality flint striker are reliable and consistent for your torch lighting needs.

Automatic Center Punch 

An automatic center punch is an essential piece in your mobile welding supplies kit, especially when you need to mark that metal in the heat of the moment. Center punches are usually spring activated and can be used with one hand, so no hammer required! Punching holes or making indents never felt so good. 

Sheet Metal Gauge

Nothing says quick and accurate welder settings like a handy sheet metal guage. This fine piece of equipment will help you know the thickness of your work piece. Just slide the piece into the groove where it fits nice and snug to find out the best settings.

MIG Pliers

Are you doing some mobile MIG welding? Get some MIG pliers for cleaning the debris out of the nozzle and faciliate better gas flow. Remember that you’ll need to trim the wire at times. A quality pair of pliers in your supplies will enable you to trim wires as well as remove the nozzle as needed.

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Welding is an art, and every artist needs the correct tools to perform their best. Make sure when you’re putting together a mobile kit you add these essential items and make your life easier in the process. For more information on welding supplies, contact the consummate professionals at Alien Engineered Products in beautiful Ocala. We have years of experience in welding and can help you promptly. Get your weld on with us!  

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