When you envision your new metal product, you probably picture a few different fabrication finishes. Alien Engineered Products personally believes the finish is the most important step in the process because it is the final step between your product as an idea and your project in action. Our single facility is advantageous to your business.


As a  full-service welding and steel fabrication company operating in Ocala, Florida, we will be with you every step of the way. From inception to delivery, and beyond as your operation grows.

Brilliant Fabrication Finishes Inspire Confidence From the Outside   

Finishing offers an attractive aesthetic and is crucial to the integrity of the products. It makes them durable and defends against corrosion. The proper finish is important to the utility of the product. The highest electrical, chemical, and tarnish resistance is paramount in all steel fabrication.

Common Finishes:

Epoxy Lining – Ideal for such surfaces as fiberglass, steel, wood, and aluminum. It gives a smoothness while adding a moisture barrier. As a reflective high-gloss finish, your piece has long-term UV protection. 


Electro Polished Stainless Steel Fabrication – In stripping away layers of the metal surface, the electropolishing method removes embedded contaminants and surface imperfections that can impact the performance and longevity of a part.


Enamel Wet Paint – This method does not require high temperatures to succeed, so it’s ideal for coating more sensitive materials. This method also allows for a thick, durable finish and the most custom coloring options. 


Galvanized Finish – This cost-effective process is to give products a bath of molten zinc. You can expect a long life expectancy. If a galvanized part is damaged, the rest of the area remains protected. Small damages won’t become bigger problems!

Why Alien Over the Other Guys?

  • It is not by accident we are located along some of the major highways to quickly and efficiently transport your items anywhere in the country. Proximity to ports means we will have international deliveries without delay. 


  • Alien’s engineers and welders have been trusted with projects where there is no room for even the tiniest error. We’ve created solutions for industries such as nuclear power and generation, phosphate and mining, healthcare, theme park, and EPCM firms.


  • Customer-Focused philosophy means we are more than a made-to-order factory. We visualize the scope of your operation; we will be with you as it scales. Because who wants to reinvent the wheel? 


  • Overseas companies may offer seemingly lower prices, but you may lose margin with communication breakdowns and issues going through customs. We strive to add value to your project and bypass many of the issues that often accompany working overseas while still having international reach. 


  • A product’s finish gives an indication of its quality, which is why Alien helps you choose the right one for the highest performance.


Contact Us

We look forward to helping you with your fabrication finishes! Alien Engineered Products is a company of professionals and fully committed to assuring that all your welding needs are met. If you are in the Ocala, FL area, contact us today to get a quote or to learn more about how our company can assist you! 

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